Fire Protection Insurance

The lack of integration between research, technology development, and fire management efforts is widely recognized as a significant obstacle to effective wildfire management. At ALJ Insurance, we are committed to supporting the protection of the environment and human safety against wildfires. We stay up-to-date with the latest research and technological developments, and work closely with fire managers to ensure that our insurance coverage is tailored to meet the unique needs of those at risk of wildfire damage.

Fight Fires with the right Insurance Protection

It is widely understood that, effective wildfire management is impeded by a lack of integration between research results, technological development and efforts by fire managers to, protect the environment and humans against wildfires.

The costs, in terms of both money and time, of implementing wildfire-threat-reduction practices are considered by some to outweigh the benefits of reduced fire threat.

In some cases it is a question of priorities. We have to create an awareness of the importance of creating a more fire –safe environment.

A lack of knowledge about ways to carry out wildfire-threat-reduction practices prevents some property owners from creating defensible space. Some homeowners are uncertain about which wildfire-threat-reduction practices are most worthwhile and how to implement them.

Our Fire insurance includes the following benefits:

ALJ understands this risk which is why we have included fire extinguishing charges as part of our Agri policy offering.

Currently, we have an extension under the fire section which gives cover for fire extinguishing charges when the insured’s own property is threatened by fire. But what if the insured property is not under that big a threat, but such fire could result in huge damages to neighbouring farms?

Under the Public Liability section of our Agri policy, clients are covered for damages they become legally liable for if a fire starts on their property and then spreads to neighbouring farms causing damage.

In an effort to minimise such damage, the farmer may incur great expenses to extinguish the fire/s.

The new fire extinguishing charges clause under the Public Liability section of our Agri policy will indemnify the policyholder for all reasonable fire extinguishing costs and expenses which the policyholder becomes legally liable to pay as a result of the extinguishing or fighting of fire (including water-bombing by air) to prevent the spreading of such fire beyond the borders of their own premises.