Our Special Insurance Options

Aviation Insurance

ALJ Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for your aircraft against weather-related damages, protecting both your aircraft and the aviation industry’s 490,000 jobs. With us, you can travel worry-free and focus on your aircraft’s safety and success. Trust us to give you the protection you need.


Bonds & Guarantees

ALJ understands the value of strong partnerships with our clients. We prioritize issuing Bonds and Guarantees in a timely manner, while also providing affordable rates.

Engineering Insurance

Comprehensive coverage for damage to electrical and mechanical machinery, including engineering inspection which is often a statutory requirement for certain plant items. This coverage may also be referred to as Machinery Breakdown or Plant All Risks insurance.

Heavy Haulage Insurance

ALJ has partnered with a number of insurance, to ensure that we are able to tailor-make a cover solution unique to your Heavy Haulage Transport Business, as we understand that no transported is the same. We understand the enormous contribution that the heavy haulage transport brings to our country and our economy, we are able to offer you specialist cover, especially for your business.

Our Partners

The trusted partners that help ALJ thrive to provide you with the highest quality insurance coverage.