Why Use ALJ?

 We are great at what we do! There are a plethora of insurance options available to business and consumers in South Africa, which makes it crucial to partner with a broker that not only understands your needs, but treats your assets like its their own.

We are deliberate in offering:

Excellence and quality work.
The team consistently delivers excellent and high-quality through innovative & evolving digitalised solutions.

Intellect and Experience.
Professionals who possess expertise in insurance products, and knowledge that ensures coverage suitable for your needs

Big Network.
With over 20 insurers, allow us to negotiate terms and rates suitable to you, while ensuring sustainable relationships.

Minimise Losses & Increase Profits.
We educate our clients about risks and help them implement measures that will minimise their losses.

Tailored risk solutions.
Every business is unique, making it more important to have insurance tailored specifically for your unique needs.

Our clients success means our success, drives us to be deliberate in our commitment to our clients growth and excellence.

About ALJ Insurance

ALJ is absolutely passionate about what we do.  We believe in making insurance simple, yet professional. We live up to the word “committed”, by the trust we have built with strategic partners over the years of servicing clients nationally.

ALJ was established in 2006 and exceeding expectations, has grown into highly innovative, successful and passionate company, who services clients nationally

We are trusted and relentless in our pursuit to make an invaluable difference to our clients insurance needs.

Some of our clients started out with 1 truck and we have had the pleasure in partnering with them in their growth to building large transport companies.  No business is too small or too big for us, we cater for all sizes, needs and risks.

With a collective industry experience of almost 40 years, and the amazing relationships we have built with all the major industry role players, we are to able to offer our clients the leanest rates for the best cover.

We are real people who understands what it’s like to build from nothing and what takes to sustain it.  

Our Goals

Our Vision

Our vision serves as the framework for our roadmap and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable,
quality growth.

A great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.

Bringing to Africa a wide portfolio of quality and innovative insurance products that anticipate and satisfy our clients desires and needs.

To be the BIGGEST AND BEST in the industry!

Be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organisation.

To be a UNITED force to be reckoned with!

Our Mission

At ALJ Insurance, our roadmap starts with our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions
and decisions.

To give people peace of mind by making it easy! 

To offer the best and most professional service to our clients and associates.

To be an industry leader in innovation, in both products and digital technology

To inspire moments of optimism and happiness for our employees and clients.

To create value and make a difference.

What We Offer

At ALJ Insurance Brokers, we specialize in short-term insurance:


Home Contents


Tourism & Leisure
Medical Practices


Corporate Property
Heavy Haulage


Dairy Farming

Our Partners

The trusted partners that help ALJ thrive to provide you with the highest quality insurance coverage.

Our Story

ALJ Insurance Brokers was founded by Wayne and Anthea Fillis in Johannesburg. The company aims to provide personal, reliable, and easy insurance services, addressing the gap in the market for good customer service. ALJ plays an integral part in developing disadvantaged students through supporting various learnerships through Inseta. Most of our team members are from disadvantaged backgrounds and are mentored, trained, and coached through our Mentorship program to become insurance professionals, set to change and contribute towards our vision.


 ALJ Insurance Brokers was birthed out of a vision through our founders, Wayne and Anthea Fillis in Johannesburg. The company aims to provide personal, reliable, and easy insurance services, addressing the gap in the market for good customer service.

2006 – 2007

The company started running from the founders’ bedroom. The first year was exceptionally rough as the company was built from scratch with no cash injection at all. With a clear vision, we were determined to change the way consumers looked at insurance while empowering and educating individuals.


ALJ Brokers was excited to have Wayne Fillis join as a Partner and Head of Marketing and Sales. With his strategic vision and passion for excellence, Wayne assisted ALJ Brokers’ marketing and sales efforts to new heights, thus establishing the company as a trusted and preferred choice in the insurance industry.


Today, 13 years later and still without investors, our team has grown to over 25 members and has served well over 28,000 clients.Despite having a long way to go, our industry perception is gradually changing, and our name is widely recognized in the field.