Tourism Leisure Insurance Coverage

At ALJ Insurance, our specialist team has the expertise to provide insurance coverage for a wide variety of risk profiles associated with Leisure & Tourism activities and businesses. We take pride in delivering friendly and efficient service, and regularly tailor policies to meet the unique requirements and exposures of our clients, whether it be for every day or unusual once-off activities.

Our insurance options for the following types of businesses:

Our coverage options are available to businesses such as hotels and lodges, guesthouses with more than 20 rooms, self-catering accommodations, privately-owned restaurants, caravan parks and resorts, timeshare resorts, conference centres, sports clubs (e.g., golf and bowling), golf courses, and health centres. Our coverage options include protection against various risks such as property damage, business interruption, public liability, employer’s liability, and more.

Our Tourism solutions provide coverage for:

Our coverage options also include business interruption insurance, which provides financial protection in the event of unexpected disruptions to your business operations. In addition, we offer insurance for money and public liability to safeguard your business against potential losses or claims. Our umbrella liability insurance provides additional top-up liability coverage to ensure that your business is fully protected against any unforeseen events.