Transport Insurance

Our Transport Insurance Policy is designed to provide you with peace of mind and financial protection for your vehicles. Our Transport Insurance Policy offers extensive coverage against potential risks such as damage, theft, and loss. With our reliable and flexible insurance options you can focus on your daily needs while we safeguard your vehicle every step of the way.

Transport Insurance

Introducing our comprehensive transport insurance cover, offering a wide range of protections for your vehicles. As a standard, ALJ Insurance Brokers provides cover against;

  • Accident Own Damage.
  • Theft and Damage due to Attempted Theft.
  • Hijack and Damage due to Attempted Hijacking.
  • Damage due to fire, explosions, hail, storm, wind and floods.
  • Damage or loss to factory fitted accessories.
  • Medical expenses to passengers in the event of an accident.
  • Reasonable cost of securing and removing vehicle after an accident.
  • 3rd Party Liability.

Additional Transport Cover Options

  • Vehicle hire after an incident.
  • Vehicle loss of use cover.
  • Cross Border towing.
  • Mud recovery.
  • Liability cover for employees, partners, directors & members.
  • Passenger liability and unauthorised passenger liability.
  • Cover in extended territories, including DRC, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Angola and Zambia.
  • Liability cover if your vehicle impairs the environment.
  • Loss of keys cover.
  • Credit shortfall cover.
  • Cover for fire extinguishing costs.
  • Riot and strike cover.
  • Tool of Trade Extension.
  • Trailer Combination Extension.
  • Parking facilities and movement of third-party vehicles.
  • OUT-in-Africa Cover – Cover for 4×4 vehicles used privately beyond SA borders.