Insure your home contents

ALJ Insurance strongly advises ensuring that your contents are insured for replacement value to avoid costly oversights in the event of a loss. It is crucial to have adequate insurance coverage, as unexpected events that can result in significant financial burdens. Replacement value insurance provided by ALJ Insurance covers the cost of replacing your belongings with new items of similar quality and functionality, providing peace of mind in case of unexpected losses.

Home contents insurance covers the following benefits:

We offer comprehensive insurance solutions that cover a range of incidents, such as accidental breakage, fire extinguishing charges, and damage caused by wild animals. Our coverage also includes protection for personal effects and the contents of refrigerators or freezers. We understand the importance of feeling secure in your home, which is why our insurance also covers the cost of home security guards. Additionally, our rental coverage can cover up to 25% of your rental income if you have tenants.